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Thursday, May 7, 2009

US Media Ignoring Chinese/US Ship Clashes

Check out this article from the Times Online by Jane Macartney.

From the article: "China demonstrated its growing naval confidence again in the latest standoff between American and Chinese ships.

"The fifth such incident in two months occurred on Friday in the Yellow Sea when a US Navy surveillance ship turned its fire hoses on two Chinese fishing vessels.

"A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the American ship was operating in China’s exclusive economic zone without permission and had violated Chinese and international laws. 'We express our concern about this and demand the US side take effective measures to ensure a similar incident does not happen again,' he said.

"The USNS Victorious, an ocean surveillance ship designed for anti-submarine warfare and underwater mapping, was conducting what the Pentagon called routine operations in the waters between China and the Korean peninsula. The Chinese vessels came within 100ft (30 metres) of the vessel."

The fifth such incident? I remember one being reported in the US media. Well, they're not reporting on Iranian attacks on Iraqi villages, but I know how much Michelle Obama's ugly sneakers cost. What is wrong with this?

Hey, but I'm sure Obama can send an arrogant and empty "happy Chinese New Year" message to them in about 2/3 of a year from now and that will make everything great again. Obama's brand of diplomacy in action.

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  1. I keep telling friends: international relations are pretty much anarchistic. To show vulnerability to an aggressive power will always incur an increase in aggression from that power.