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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Obama Administration Playing with Economics: Impose $1300 Car Tax

Check out this post by Michelle Malkin here.

Per Malkin: "Nobody in the White House is going to call the president’s “mileage and pollution” plan what it is.

"It’s a $1,300 car tax. On the working class. On the middle class. On everyone who has responded to the government’s consumption-mania incentives — loosened credit, tax deductions — and bought/planned to buy a new car without taking into account these unanticipated costs:"

Obama is intent upon unnecessary meddling that will have unexpected consequences. Foolish, arrogant and short-sided-- not the best combination of personality traits for a leader. But hey... let's increase the cost of an item (requiring people to borrow more for the car) even as the government is busily devaluing the dollar and spending unprecedented amounts of money for windmills and unicorns. Brilliant.

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  1. Our president's ability to cartel industries rivals that of most Progressives of yesteryear.