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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Title Flap on Search Engine

Apparently, at dogpile.com if you run a search for Gerald Warner my blog pops up reading:

"Critical Narrative: New Blog Added! Gerald Warner of the UK Apr 25, 2009 ... Gerald Warner of the UK ? "Obama is Hip!" Claims Obama Cronies ... Obama in Blackface ? Iran Charges Journalist Roxana Saberi With Espiona. ... "

"Obama in Blackface?" *sigh* This is from my short and minor April 9th post titled "Turkish Anchor Reports on Obama in Blackface" I learned a lesson. What I meant by this was, as is mentioned in the first sentence of the post, "A Turkish news anchor reported on Obama's visit while [emphasis mine] in blackface."

I didn't think carelessly skipping the word "while" would give me so much grief... I will be more careful and use longer titles from now on. And thanks to everyone who mentioned this to me and accused me of being racist.

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  1. Years ago, when I blogged on Blog-A-Boo, I wrote a piece on Katrina and how it wasn't just a black community problem, but that of the entire nation. I used racial slurs as to promote the idea of racial harmony. After that post, my friend who runs the blog said we were getting loads of traffic from people looking up racist content.

    It happens.