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Monday, May 4, 2009

Obama Proposes to Raise Taxes on Overseas Profits (And Great Comedy Ensues)

Check out this AP article via Yahoo. It's another way to increase the price of consumer products, so that companies can pass on the expense to you the consumer. Alternatively they could simply relocate out of the US altogether to a more tax friendly nation. That'll create jobs and greater income to pay for the stimulus and universal health care...

Aside from this, Obama announced this great snorter "'Nobody likes paying taxes, particularly in times of economic stress,' he [Obama] said. 'But most Americans meet their responsibilities because they understand that it's an obligation of citizenship, necessary to pay the costs of our common defense and our mutual well-being.'"

Good one! Why not tell that to your cabinet... You remember your Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and Kathleen Soblius' and her husband, and Ron Kirk, and Tom Daschle, and Hilda Solis and her husband, Nancy Killefer, shall I go on...

I guess the Democrat elite and Obama sycophants aren't like most people. It seems like every time Obama opens his mouth lies, that are at best ironic, come rolling out. Audacity indeed...

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  1. Obama wants us to think that our taxes will go "to pay the costs of our common defense and our mutual well being."

    When I read that I laughed out loud. What a punch line!