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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Personal Announcement

I have not been posting as often as I had been, as those of you who are semi-regular visitors to this blog may have noticed. This is because, after several months of research, I have begun writing the initial draft of my newest novel.

Once I get involved in the actual work of writing, my sense of time gets a bit screwy and I am up at all hours, asleep at odd times, etc. I also tend to become rather narrowly focused on the project at hand, which exorcises my interests in politics, narrative theory, philosophy, and other subjects having to do with this blog.

While this focus is not so dramatic that I will be dead-to-the-world while immersed in a narrative stupor (perhaps emerging into a brave new world of DMV health care, outrageous energy prices, and brownouts), I will not be posting for the next 3 or 4 months as often as I have in the past. I still intend to post the second part of my criticism of existentialism somewhat soon and occasionally other posts that I find interesting (I'm hoping to post more often than once a week, but I refuse to impose a schedule on myself while I write). Once the initial draft of the book is finished and the editing begins, I will be back my old, unfocused self and be posting more than once a day.

So, I'm not exactly going anywhere and I will not be abandoning this blog by any means. I will just be less prolific for the next few months and will not be engaging trolls for most of that time (sorry Pat, but I gotta eat...). Wish me luck on my latest work, and I will be posting again soon.

Yukio Ngaby


  1. Oh I do wish you luck! It's so awesome that you're able to do this!

    I do hate that we'll have to fend off the trolls without you - you are fabulous at it! I'll just have to go back to ignoring them.

    Good luck and don't wander far ... we'll miss you.

  2. Have fun with your novel. We will miss your frequent posts and comments and will keep looking forward to them.

    Now is as good a time as any to say thanks for much support, so, thank you, Yukio.

  3. Congrats! I wish I had the dedication and focus to write a novel, book, etc.

    Oooh, a video of a kitty....

  4. Just remember snaggles' basic rule about great literature: it always contains incest.
    Good luck to you and all your relatives.

  5. Thanks everyone! I always knew you guys were the best. I appreciate the encouragement and will be posting, hopefully, soon.