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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Earth Hour Skipped This "Chaos" Part

I pulled this article from Reuters on Yahoo. The title is "Sydney power blackout causes chaos."

This coming on the heels of Earth Hour is a little amusing to me. I guess it turns out that electrical power is actually a good thing in modern society. The article notes the timing of the blackout but apparently without an ounce of irony: "The blackout comes two days after Sydney deliberately turned off its lights for Earth Hour 2009, when cities world-wide plunged into darkness for an hour to highlight climate change."

Cities worldwide "plunged into darkness?" Let's not exaggerate or anything... I wonder how much chaos was caused by that? Of course that line is simply another example of wishful thinking by Reuters. Michael M. Bates over at newsbusters.org noted another gross exaggeration in his post "Reuters Claims One Billion People Took Part in 'Earth Hour.'"

Reuters is fast becoming nothing more than a shill for certain agendas. I mean it can't even report on a Sydney blackout without getting in their embellished (false) Earth Hour plugs.

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