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Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama and the Media Hype Continues

Okay, I'm sure most people remember the British PM's visit to the US and the Obama's cruddy reception. If not, here's a post about Michelle Obama's chilliness. And one about Barack's crappy gift to the PM here.

Sure, these are not serious news pieces, but the whole fiasco seems to be gaining momentum in the UK. Check out the Telegraph and Times Online in the UK. Run a search for gift-gate. It's easy to find.

You won't find anything about it in the US's MSM though. Newsbusters.org notes that the American media has been mum on the subject. What have they been talking about? Well they've been setting up Gayle King (Oprah's friend and editor of "O" magazine) to talk about how the Obamas "are so un-jaded and so not-complicated and so darned normal." Oh joy! Well gosh-darn-it! If that isn't just the most precious thing, I don't know what is.

I know that we're not very far into this presidency, but come on... When is this media fawning going to end? While the MSM is just smitten with the idea of an African-American president and black American first family, Obama is running about like mad using the words "crisis," "catastrophe," and "mandate" to continue the enactment of big government policies and legislation. These policies and laws are inordinately unpopular with anybody I know (I'm in Oregon, not exactly a red state) who has actually seen it.

King acting as a shill for Oprah (a close friend of the Obamas) and others continue to boost the Obama image. The MSM, for the most part, actively participates giving airtime to pandering puff-pieces and ignoring gaffes (like the British PM and the gift difficulties) and statements that might tarnish the image of Obama.

When the novelty of an African-American president finally wears off for the MSM, perhaps they will see what we actually have for a president. An arrogant and inexperienced politician, way over his head, flailing about while trying to enact socialist policies in the midst of economic turmoil.

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