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Friday, March 20, 2009

It's About Obama and Not America

Check out this post at Finkelblog.com. Mark Finkelstein astutely points out that it appears Obama is hiding the American flag with crops and close-ups in a Nowruz message to "unhelpful" Iranian audiences.

I just can't help thinking that this is another attempt by Obama to woo Iranians by making things about him and not America. He "rules" America and does not represent it. From "reset" buttons, to egocentric rudeness to Britain, to cropping off the American flag, Obama's most consistent international policy is to make everything be about himself.

By the way, check out the screen caps and Finkelblog.com's post. Does Obama ever not look smug when in front of a functioning teleprompter?

While on Finkelblog.com check out the link he provides to the speech itself and give it a listen. This isn't diplomacy-- he's campaigning again. He's not making the position of the US clear, he's selling them our tolerance.

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