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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

More Ugly Truths About "Green" Energy

Check out this article from "The American Spectator" by William Tucker.

Once again we see the impracticality of renewable energy. The technology is not here and viable yet, and it might never be. Simply throwing money, wishes, empty rhetoric and increasing our energy bills enormously with cap and trade will not make it so.

Technologies move in ways that are difficult to predict. If they were so easy to direct and govern, research would not be fiscally risky and highly lauded "green" energy wouldn't be hemorrhaging money (h/t Michelle Malkin).


  1. You may want to read this interview that took place right after the laughable "Earth Hour":


    See especially this bit about green tech:

    Interviewer: And a more general question. Regardless of the truth or otherwise of anthropogenic global warming, do you support an eventual move to a non-carbon based economy and if so, under what terms?

    Tim: I’d support it under the same terms that gave us a carbon economy: if it offered a material improvement over existing conditions. Give me a non-carbon jet that can take me to England this summer faster than some old Airbus, and I’m on board. Build a non-carbon car that is quicker, cooler and equally affordable as a GTHO and can carry as many people, and you’ll have buyers lined up around the block.

    An important fact that anti-carbon folk usually forget: the carbon economy didn’t come about because of government support or widespread protests about horse manure and air pollution caused by burning wood. It came about because it was an improvement.

    The market rewards improvement. That’s why people ditched horses for cars and wood for electricity. A fortune awaits anyone who can come up with something better than an internal combustion engine or air conditioning driven by something other than electricity.
    These breakthroughs are unlikely to come about because we turn our lights off for an hour every March.

  2. Nice article on the end of the link. Thank you!