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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Begins to Waver on VA Insurance

Some encouraging news regarding Obama's shameful idea to cut injured veterans' insurance benefits. A bipartisan outrage in Congress seems to be causing the Obama Admin. to pause. recently "the Obama administration has insisted that they are non-committal when it comes to a final decision on the actual policy, and White House officials will meet for the second time with veterans groups on Wednesday."

A second meeting suggests that Obama might be thinking that the political fallout for this move would be more trouble then the $500 or so million he might save. Again I encourage all people of conscience to contact their Congressional representatives and let them know your views on this intolerable potential policy. My rep's site was full of broken links, but I still managed to do a search and send off an e-mail to him. Vets deserve far more, but spending a moment of our time and small effort (even if it's futile) is an effort which we are certainly obliged to give.

Obama's demonstrated contempt of our military's men and women is something to remember, examine, and address later. We should now tell our reps what we believe to be important. Don't let them off the hook. Make them tell us all where they stand on this issue and why.

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