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Monday, March 16, 2009

Obama's "Grass-Roots" Cultists Unleashed Again

Obama has shifted the campaign for his economic plan into high gear. Having met what seems to be unexpected resistance in a Democratic Congress, Obama has unleashed his "grass-roots" cultists to go and gather signatures to support his socialistic economic reforms. Michelle Malkin has an article here. She has the e-mail plus YouTube video. Watch it if you have a strong stomach.

Significantly, Malkin has noted the top-down aspects of this fraudulent grass-roots initiative. Yeah, real grass-roots strategy: tell the people to out and gather up signatures to support our glorious leader's policies. Maybe they should tell their Obama-cronies to gather up signatures of people willing to pledge to work hard and be productive for the glorious nation that will emerge, like a phoenix, from the financial catastrophe the evils of free enterprise have inflicted upon us. And maybe they can pass out snazzy uniforms for their pledge-gatherers-- something with a bright red sash or neckerchief.

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