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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama Seems Lost Pt. 2 (Who Knew This Would be a Series?)

Check out this post from Mark Finkelstein over at Finkelblog.com. While you're there check out the NYT article and the interview's transcript, so you can see what the commiserative article left out.

It has become sort of amusing to watch Obama flail. If the repercussions weren't so serious for the world, I'd have a good laugh. Does anybody remember after the election, when he was in Hawaii ditching the press corps because he didn't like the fishbowl aspect of the presidency? Then we moved on to his inauguration and his pay-for-play interview with one of the networks (was it ABC? I can't remember). Then we get his arrogant declarations that he shall fix the economy, he shall open up relations with Iran, he will listen to our enemies.

All of this he's managed to screw up. From an unpopular "stimulus" bill that he thinks he can slink away from, to offending and weakening our allies (Israel, India, and the UK [I've probably missed a few, the media's so sympathetic] so far), and being played for a fool by Russia, Syria, and Iran, all illustrate only his inexperience.

What's most intriguing is watching Obama think that he can just dictate policy. I noted this in another entry back in February, and I stand by that statement. I remember after the election when Obama was saying he was "ready to rule." Not ready to lead, not to assume the mantle of responsibility of governing. No.. no... He had a "mandate." As half-a-million people (no wait, more.. less... aw, we don't know...) chanted his name and waved American flags emblazoned with his smiling visage, Obama declared that he was going to lead us to where "all are equal," down the garden path to the promised land of socialism-- uh, wait! no... not that... I mean he's not a fan of big government, he just wants to spread the wealth around... use a bottom up economic recovery plan... It's Bush's fault! He's the socialist!

But the world didn't cooperate with his big ideas and he was confronted with facts that are indifferent to charisma, eloquence, arrogance, education, and racial pity. When most people in this country hear the word "socialism" they panic (there's only one acknowledged socialist in Congress). Paying only lip-service to bipartisanship doesn't win you friends from the other side. Congress (even his own party) doesn't like being dictated to and snubbed. Iran isn't interested listening to Obama and they're not the political neophytes that he assumed they were. Governing doesn't simply mean dictating broad strokes and leaving the details to others.

Now we're left with a guy in office for less than two months and he's already making excuses and complaints to the press aboard Air Force One. Not to worry Gayle King and Oprah will continue to make the puff-piece news circuits. So will Ashton and Demi between pool parties. Maybe he'll make another creepy propaganda video for the president (we will be one with our president). The Academy can send Annette Bening, et al to Iran for cultural understanding.

In the meantime, we're left with a naive and flailing president intent on passing his socialistic policies, no matter what the citizens want, no matter what the economy dictates, no matter what our enemies and opponents (and our allies for that matter) do. Change is here! Welcome to the wishful and hope-filled government. Enjoy the stay, because it's expensive.

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  1. "He was confronted with facts that are indifferent to charisma, eloquence, arrogance, education, and racial pity." Well put. Also, I would add, "petulance." Still, I keep getting the image that, when Obama closes the door on the outside world at the end of the day, he sometimes just leans back against the door, exhales, and has a good, long, flimflammer's laugh at our (I mean Americans') expense: I'll bet he is still amazed as how easy it was to talk his way into the presidency. The Democrat Party, the American and world press, and sufficient U.S. voters bought his soft soap story, but Obama certainly knew that he had barely any appropriate experience for the job. "Obama Seems Lost" will be an ongoing series, I predict.